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Bhagalpur Katarni Chura Poha (Bitten Rice / Avalakki / Atukulu) is made of Katarni rice grown locally in the places of Jagdishpur mandal. Katarni rice is not just another variety of rice, with its unique aroma it is treated more as a local relish. This variety of rice is in a great demand not just in the Bihar and Bhagalpur district to which it is native to but also throughout the India.  It is believed that the aroma and the taste of Katrani Rice, is the gift of the nature, as its natural aroma and taste do not get replicated in the rice made anywhere in the world..

How flattened rice is made?

The Paddy is soaked overnight and then roasted and then pounded and flattened to give the form of ‘flat rice’ or Poha or Chura. It does not go through a lot of processing and is generally not polished.

These flattened rice flakes are also known as parched rice or beaten rice. They are considered to be nutritious & wholesome as they are got by minimally processing paddy.So flattened rice is used widely across India to make various dishes like chivda, upma, dosa, idli and many more. Among the most commonly eaten is this dish Poha.

The uniqueness of this item
Prepared by traditional methods of processing which preserve micronutrients

Aids indigestion
Premium quality Katarni rice (a specialty from Bihar)

The Rice is cultivated and grown by the women farmers of Jeevika Bihar. Amalfarm is directly working with women farmers to source the product directly from their farms. The Rice is made by the traditional milling process and thereby retains the nutrient naturally.

Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) promoted by JEEViKA have emerged as promising economic platforms in tackling the challenges of small farmer agriculture. In the face of rising input costs and lowering margins, these FPOs are delivering value by leveraging economies of scale, improved inputs and technologies at lower costs and bringing the small farmer to larger markets hitherto out of their reach.

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Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).