About Us - Amalfarm

About Us

Who We Are

Our consumers are quite disconnected with food that they eat and we are trying to find the reason of disconnect that is Who is growing the food, How it’s being grown and where it’s being grown.

Amalfarm is the connection between the place of origin and the product which is perceived as a reference point for the common consumer. We source authentic food products from the places that they belong to. The consumer buying our product is assured of the quality of the product and its authenticity. We want to give a name to the food that brings unity thereby bringing diverse food culture closer and together.

Our Key Features


Farmer First

We serve small and marginal farmer to build a better future. Our food system is broken and connecting the farm products of its actual place and origin will promote the economic prosperity of the producers and provide healthy food to our consumers.


Product Authenticity

At Amalfarm, we bring natural, preservative-free and unprocessed products. We source our products directly from its origin, perform stringent quality checks before delivery.


Product Origin

There are many places in India that can boast of foods that can only be grown or cultivated over there for ages. Our consumers gets an assurance that the product comes from a particular location and possess a certain quality which is attributable to that place.