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Katarni, a superior fine grain variety is a ceremonial rice grown in Bihar and is known for its pleasant fragrance, a local relish and excellent cooking quality. The Rice variety was introduced by Maharaja Rahmat Khan Bahadur and has equal potential as that of Basmati Variety.

Uniqueness of Katarni Rice

  • Untainted appearance and delectable taste.
  • Brown husk with awl shaped apex.
  • Strong aroma in cooked and uncooked rice.
  • Soft and Non-sticky rice with good digestion properties.
  • Famous for palatability and beaten rice or Chura or Poha or Chiwda making qualitieInteresting Fact 

Interesting Facts

  • Scented Rice have been grown in India about 2500 years since the time of Susruta.
  • The First documented record of both scented rice and short duration rice in India was made by Susruta.
  • It is believed that Maharaja Rahmat Ali Khan Bahadur of Kharagpur was the first person to get Katarni planted in Bhagalpur region.
  • Each rice seed can produce up to 3,000 grains, which is the highest level of production amongst cereals.
  • There are 40,000 different cultivated species in rice.
  • Pillows made of natural textiles stuffed with rice are an excellent aid for relieving back and neck pain.

Health Benefits of Katarni Rice

  • Contains a good balance or proteins, carbohydrates and fibre.
  • Represents a good source of vitamins and minerals.
  •  Low in calories and fat.

The Rice is cultivated and grown by the women farmers of Jeevika Bihar. Amalfarm is directly working with women farmers to source the product directly from their farm. The Rice is made by traditional milling process and thereby retains the nutrient naturally.

Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) promoted by JEEViKA have emerged as promising economic platforms in tackling the challenges of small farmer agriculture. In the face of rising input costs and lowering margins, these FPOs are delivering value by leveraging economies of scale, improved inputs and technologies at lower costs and bringing the small farmer to larger markets hitherto out of their reach.

Each of our product is sourced directly and come from a specific location to which it belongs.

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