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These Grades Comes In 2 Grades


Before sorting, foxnuts from phodis (farmers who process foxnuts) come with mixed grades including Pressed Hard Black Shells, Yellowish/Reddish variations, and Small sizes (less than 10 MM).

The handpicking process involves the separation of all unwanted grades. As a result, the Handpicked grade consists of 99% round foxnuts with a uniform size.

Non - Handpicked

Non-Handpicked” implies that 7-10% of all the mixed grades will remain present.

Makhana Making Process

As a brand, our vision revolves around the promotion of healthy snacking. At the heart of our mission is the exquisite Makhana, also known as fox-nut. Our focus is set on revealing the unexplored advantages of this exceptional superfood to the global stage.

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An excellent choice for those seeking a balance between health-consciousness and delicious snacking.

Our Impact Story


Our mission is to feed the planet sustainably and help farmers grow, we are creating an ecosystem of bringing local & GI tag produce to center stage and be vocal for it.

Today we work with 2500 Farmers, 3 FPC (Farmer Producer Companies) in 6 States of India.

Bihar produces 90 percent of the world’s makhana and the farmers taking up the cultivation of foxnut as their primary produce are still facing challenges to get the right remuneration because of multiple layers in the supply chain.

We aspire to create a sustained livelihood for our Foxnut farmers that will give them pakka houses and better life.

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